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Engine life is extended as Premium Gasoline reduces a probability of 'knocking' that shortens engine life.

An aging automobile requires a higher level of octane. If you fill your aging car with ordinary gasoline, noise and vibration of the car will increase. Hyundai Oilbank's Premium Gasoline containing an ultra-high level of octane will make exhilaration of driving your car unrivalled - soft and calm.

Under tough conditions of a long motor ride at 100Km/h or even at a faster speed, overheating and knocking of an engine increase whereas a higher level of octane is needed at several instants during a motor ride. Hyundai Oilbank's Premium Gasoline will help you to drive your car safely even under harsh environment. .

Premium Gasoline, containing octane at a higher level compared to ordinary gasoline, boosts engine power whereas acceleration at an instant escalates markedly.

Premium Gasoline is super-quality and eco-friendly fuel as it contains a substantially lower level of pollutants when compared to its peer gasoline.

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